Save More Than You Spend!

The return on investment (ROI) for your organization will be significant.  It all starts with an in depth assessment of your business and IT landscape.  We see our clients’ IT needs like an malleable slab of clay.  We are able to sculpt and fine tune our Groundwork solution to meet your specific and unique business requirements. The result is a well-honed management process for successful, scalable IT within your business environment.

We analyze your technical and business requirements, and determine any necessary changes to eliminate your current IT risk exposures. We help prepare your business operations for a seamless integration of your iTruss Groundwork solution.

The implementation / migration of the iTruss Groundwork is designed to provide a non-disruptive transition from your old IT Landscape to your new Groundwork IT Ecosystem. Your employees will be up and running quickly.

Once your new Groundwork Ecosystem is in place, our team is there to provide all the support your employees need on a daily basis to stay productive and to help keep your business and its valuation safe.

You receive comprehensive and unlimited IT support of your Groundwork IT Ecosystem for a fixed monthly fee at a fraction of the cost of hiring IT resource(s).

For most companies, a 1% – 2% increase in productivity more than pays for our service / technology package. ROI’s for our clients range from 18% to more than 300%!

Let us show you just how much your company will save.