Dangerous Iceberg Ahead?

The iTruss solution model is unique because we address the entire “IT Iceberg.”  Most companies manage their IT by what they see.  However, just as 85% of the mass of an Iceberg is not visible, so too are the IT problems that threatens the success and valuation of your company.

We deliver a highly engineered infrastructure and marry it with enterprise architecture, system engineering, system administration, help desk / incident management and CIO level support at a fixed monthly fee.

The result is that our clients experience the power, efficiency, stability and cost effectiveness of large company IT at a cost that is far lower and at a quality level that is superior to the current ways available for SMB.

iTruss Groundwork

Our Groundwork is a completely engineered IT infrastructure system, designed and built upon Microsoft® and other standards-based, best demonstrated business practices. This prescribed Groundwork forms the foundation of our clients’ computer system backbone upon which comprehensive managed service methodologies are applied both proactively and on-demand.

Our iTruss Groundwork provides everything necessary for our clients to access and operate their business applications consistently and flawlessly, day in and day out. They enjoy perfect IT through unlimited IT support all at a predictable monthly fee that they can readily budget. In short, we provide Turnkey, Worry Free IT.

Through 5000+ man-hours of systems design, engineering and product development, iTruss Solutions has developed a comprehensive, turnkey IT solution called the iTruss Groundwork.  Our Groundwork has continued to evolve driven by client based needs and technology evolution. We offer three levels of outsourced solution models; Groundwork Essentials, Groundwork SMB and Groundwork Enterprise.

Save More Than You Spend!

The return on investment (ROI) for your organization will be quite significant.  It all starts with an in depth assessment of your business.   Our iTruss Groundwork is like a malleable slab of clay.  We are able to sculpt our solution to fine tune it to meet your specific and unique business requirements while delivering a well honed management process for successful IT within your business environment.

After assessing your business subsequent IT requirements, we determine any deltas necessary to mitigate / eliminate your current IT risk exposures and prepare your facilities for a seamless integration of your iTruss Groundwork.  Your Groundwork is engineered to Microsoft® and other business best demonstrated practices.  The entire solution is deployed in parallel to your existing  IT environment.

The implementation / migration of the iTruss Groundwork occurs over a weekend to safely insure that your transition to the new platform is not disruptive to your business.  Training on the minor subtleties on the Groundwork technology from the old legacy environment is conducted prior to cut-over and at the first morning of business.  You employees are up and running within a few short hours.

After cutover, our proactive and on-demand unlimited support service begins.  Your employees simply contact our incident management desk for ANY IT, Application or Telecom related issue.  Because of how your iTruss Groundwork has been engineered, greater than 99% of all incidents can be readily addressed and resolved over the wire.  This means that issues impacting employee productivity are resolved in minutes rather than hours or days.

You receive unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee.   We are your full time IT department (4 levels deep) at a fraction of the cost of hiring just one IT professional to your staff.

Depending on your company’s fully loaded average employee cost, it only takes a 1% – 2% increase in productivity to more than pay for our service / technology package.   ROI’s for our clients range from 18% to more than 300%!

Let us show you just how much your company will save.