Why should your company care?
How can your business benefit?

As an executive committed to the success of your company, IT holds a “black box” key to the growth of your organization. An IT-related problem may not hit your radar until it is too late.  Sometimes too late means some significant headaches and sometimes it means loss of business and thus shut down of operations.

The SMB Market Has Been Underserved and Placed At A Disadvantage For Business IT and Related Services.  The iTruss Solution Model Changes This Paradigm.

There is no cost effective way for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) to plan for and manage their IT ecosystem.  The SMB market typically has computer systems and maintenance methodologies that negatively impact employee productivity; channels their organization into poor business practices which result in increased risk; jeopardizes continuity; and adds significant costs to the bottom line of operations.

Most SMBs contract with IT service providers that offer “managed services” or “outsourced IT.” They finally decide that the answer is to hire IT staff and do it themselves.  None of these are economically solutions for success in the small business competitive landscape.

The iTruss Groundwork makes IT work for your business and it levels the playing field with large corporations. Enterprises have deep pockets that give them the advantage in supporting their business with an engineered IT ecosystem.

The iTruss Solutions model is developed to capture this success and let your business harness these same Fortune 500 strategic advantages.  And like these large corporations, we address the entire scope of the “IT Iceberg,” providing proactive and on-demand three-tier support, plus the strategic components that create a scalable operation as your business grows.

Clients that engage with our solution model experience the power, efficiency, stability and cost effectiveness of enterprises IT at a lower cost and a better quality coefficient that is far better than any of the approaches for SMBs available in the market today.

You won’t be paying us to fix IT problems.  We earn our pay by your business not having these problems in the first place!  Your success is our success.

Email us today for a complimentary System Vulnerability Assessment, and learn how you can protect and increase the value of your business,