Open Letter from CEO to CEO

CEO to CEO: Open Letter to Executive Leadership.

Small Business is the “Economic Engine” of the United States and a lynchpin to the vitality and security of the World Economy.  In this interconnected “New Economy” it is not enough to continue down a “business as usual” track.  Interdependencies and bad actors create a higher calling to Executives and their Company’s citizenship presence.  Without this underpinning, there are potentially catastrophic consequences far greater than a marginal or poor performing individual business and its P&L Statement and Balance Sheet.

With the New Economy will come new Government expectations.  You need look no further than the Small Business Cyber Security Act of 2016.  In time, there will be greater requirements and cost burdens to keep our economic engine alive and well and to keep our Country safe.

iTruss Solutions is dedicated to helping Small and Mid Size Businesses be able to economically adjust and perform within future regulated environments resulting from the New World Paradigm.  Our history of working with small businesses to help them succeed dates back to 2008 as a Founding Board Member of Colorado Companies To Watch; an Edward Lowe Foundation program that annually spotlights the Top 50 performing Small Businesses.

I hope that you will allow my company the opportunity to help your business grow and to be a part of your success team.



Benjamin R. Budraitis

President & CEO