About Us

iTruss Solutions initially began as an R&D initiative in 2005 to create a product and service solution for small and mid-sized business (SMB) that leveraged the methodologies of highly engineered infrastructure solutions developed by large corporations to drive successful, stable and highly scalable business operations.

The result is that over the past decade, we have integrated these corporate “best business practices” into a turnkey solution platform, that we call an iTruss Groundwork that our clients run their business on.

Today, we offer our clients 3 solution service models based on their unique and specific requirements;  Groundwork Essentials, Groundwork SMB and Groundwork Enterprise.

The iTruss Groundwork family of platform engineered service solutions will fit any client industry and is cost effective for clients that have 10 employees or more and is scalable beyond 1000 seats.





Colorado Companies to Watch is an Edward Lowe Foundation Program managed by the State of Colorado Office of Economic Development.  The organization recognizes those second stage companies that represent the “economic engine” of Colorado.  Criteria to be nominated as a Colorado Company to Watch is:  Must be a Colorado based company; have 6 – 99 full time equivalent (FTE) employees; and have revenues between $750K and $50M.  A company can self nominate or be nominated by an outside party or individual.  There is no cost to participate and 50 equal winners are selected through a detailed judging process.  Winners are provided with various recognition events and access to resources that can help grow their company larger and more quickly.  To learn more, click on the logo link.