Cyber Security

How safe is your company?  When you think of good IT organizations they are typically good at interfacing, deployment, and utilization of technology.  This is much different than creating a security enabled solution. This is bred into the iTruss Groundwork through architecture, design, development, implementation and support.

The iTruss Groundwork technology platform is engineered to deliver the best functionality, offering our clients a secure IT ecosystem while maintaining a business’s integrity in a manner that supports a growth and scalability.

What is it costing your business to not have good cyber security?  This is a very deep rabbit hole, because this is a risk that does not have defined gradations and stop gaps.  It is a cost that can reach far outside your organization and cost more than just money.

Hiring Cyber Security into your business is not as easy as finding an “IT Guy” that you can hire.  Cyber Security resources are expensive and they are not a “one size fits all” resource.  They are an incremental expense.

The iTruss Groundwork solves this problem. It is a turnkey IT ecosystem that offers a complete package of product/service solutions at an affordable cost.  In fact, your company will save more then you spend with iTruss Solutions’ comprehensive turnkey solution package.  For a Small or Mid Sized Company there is no higher quality or more cost effective way to have engineered IT with the growth and security of your business at its core.